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He is the Author of The Universal Law of Creation Chronicles, as well as a Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Messenger, Spiritual Healer*Motivational Speaker, Inspirational Teacher, & Consultant!

*Clearing people (or home) of negative energy/entities

In the Spiritual Communities there are Spiritual; Advisors, Cleaners, Consultants, Empaths, Healers, Light-Bearers, Light-Workers, Messengers, Preachers, Seekers, Shadow-Workers, Shaman, Teachers, Warriors, and more …

However, there are also, Liars, Narcissists, Opportunists, Poisoners, Takers, Thieves, and those who have abused their Gifts, and let it go to their head.

The KnoWing

Is there something inside you that’s been hidden? There is a power within that yearns to be known!

Would you like to learn how to set crucial boundaries without creating conflict?

Would you like to Manifest like a Magnet?

Did you know that there is a difference between ‘Connecting‘ with the Universe and ‘Intertwining‘ with the Universe?

Do you understand the differences between knowing and The KnoWing?

Did you know that everything you’ve learned about “The Law of Attraction” is dead wrong and what you should do instead?

You’ll finally learn to NEVER do this big mistake that I’ll tell you about soon when you want to blast through the Limiting Beliefs that are stopping your success.

You’ll Learn Real Power Tools to get back on track FAST when you fall out of alignment with the universe.

Save time AND be a magnet for prosperity – even if you can’t spend hours on affirmations, meditation, vision boards, etc.



Are you looking knowledge in a tight spot?

Are there any aspects of your life that aren’t working and you can’t make sense of why?

Are there any past examples or reoccurring topics you wish you could get it?

You’ve taken a stab at everything you still merely feel stuck and disappointed?

Let me ask you this:

Do you wake up every morning in love with your life?

Do you look forward to loving every part of it?

Imagine this, your whole body is swelling up with a surge of gratitude and excitement when you’d open your eyes.

Do you want to know why you’d be feeling like this? Because you’d be moving closer to finally achieving your dreams that you waited so long for.

You’d think this is nuts?! You’d have to stop yourself dead in your tracks to pinch yourself because you couldn’t believe this was YOUR LIFE!

I can help you to get back on Tract FAST. But I want you to remember this important thing that I’m about to tell you.

“You can’t achieve all that you want by continuing to do the same things you have done until now.”


Gino DiCaprio is the Author of the Universal Law Of Creation Chronicles!

Consultant & Spiritual Guide

Gino DiCaprio is a Spiritual Guide and Business Consultant!

Motivational Speaker

Gino DiCaprio is a Motivational Speaker!

Did you know that Gino DiCaprio cracked the code for a longer manifestation…

And its implications have absolutely stunned all of his clients.

So take advantage of GINO DICAPRIO’s guidance and ancient knowledge which were given to him by powerful avatars.


Wish you could see where you are going?

Need some lucidity on your way or your motivation?

Would you be able to see synchronicities you don’t get it?

Need another point of view on your particular issue?

There’s an answer in there. However, you feel it’s on your blind side?

Gino DiCaprio ~ The Lion

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CAUTIONING: These Chronicles must be read all together in order or else you will fail to comprehend the Hidden Codes. They were designed to reveal valuable pieces of information. Otherwise, you will overlook and fail to grasp the essentialness of your portion of the message and assume it is like any other books out there.

The Universal Law of Creation, Chronicles

  • Secrets and Laws of the Universe
  • Time is an Illusion
  • Illuminatis The Ones and The Shadows
  • Secret Hidden Messages

FREE TEASER PDF is available…

You may access all four PDF versions for free reading. Gino DiCaprio does not charge for the open content of these PDF. If you might want a duplicate of the full releases in paperback or eBook format, you may access them at Amazon.com or here as PDF version.

Ask, See, and Truly Believe Beyond Any Shadow-of-a-Doubt Whatsoever, You Shall Receive…



Secrets & Laws Of The Universe

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Secrets & Laws Of The Universe

Gino DiCaprio, in his first book, will offer you some assistance with understanding what you can do to accomplish control of your life. He utilizes a brief orderly way to deal with aide you as you figure out how to achieve your objectives and attempt the experience of carrying on with the life you generally needed. There is no puzzle to his system; it is a sincere way that opens your psyche to who you are inside and who you need to be all things considered. DiCaprio is associated with his...


Time is an Illusion

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Time is an Illusion

Gino DiCaprio will show you that all you see, feel, and touch is but an illusion that you created. In this book, he will discuss the Seven Spiritual Levels in the Spiritual Realm and the Seven Lower Realms. This has never been DiCaprio’s dream. He never asked for this and he does not want it. He made a commitment to his Spiritual Guide that he would write a book about these Levels and Realms and release it. All his life he has run away from his responsibilities, but not this one...


Illuminatis The Ones and The Shadows

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Illuminatis The Ones and The Shadows

A New Earth will be formed. As a Spiritual Entity, it has more to offer than what you read through your physical eyes. It has a deeper meaning. Throughout the Chronicles, the Hidden Codes are in plain sight for each of YOU, as individuals to see if you relax, and don’t look too hard to find them… they will just appear. In the Chronicles, the Spiritual Message was written by Gino DiCaprio’s hands. As a physical being, he may interpret the messages...


Prelude: Righteousness

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Prelude: Righteousness

An accumulation of individual begs composed amid a troublesome time in my life. With an end goal to survive a troublesome time, Dovid Shimshon composed these requests to God as he advanced through a restoration of self. They are an impression of his feelings, considerations, and any expectations of the past and of a superior future. Dovid Shimshon battled with himself, and his past activities, and through his works, found another most profound sense of being that offered him some assistance with surviving and continue on.

Readers have said that the constant reading of these Chronicles has an incredible, constructive, positive outcome on their spirit. These Chronicles can encourage, lift one’s spirits, as well as, help one- mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It is highly recommended to ‘repeatedly’ read these Chronicles since each time you discover new points to give one spiritual support that is desperately required. You will be amazed how your soul is invigorated persistently by merely taking in the necessary spiritual communicate to interact with the Hidden Codes that is within you as individuals.

Welcome, you’ve been conceded an encouragement to discover your piece of the puzzle of the Hidden Codes to line up with other individuals.

These Chronicles deals with Self-Help, Secret Societies, Reality Shift, Multiverse, Life in other Dimensional Realms, Spiritual Realm, and more. These Chronicles will open otherworldly/spiritual entryways, create forgotten paradigms; allow greater insight into all creation. These Chronicles are being promoted past that of verbal, or except for third-party sales of the books in both paperback, and eBook format. The Universal Creator will draw you here when it is recognised that one has turned out to be prepared and genuinely ready (not on your time or when you want it), and not one second before. At that point and at precisely that point may you be allowed get access.

Have you asked why life’s questions are not being answered?

Has religion, spiritual groups, or science belief confused you?

Most of you have different answers because of your ego, and what you WANT to BELIEVE in your False TRUTH!

The appropriate answer is inside you, once you receive The KnoWing.

You must relearn everything, and access the forbidden knowledge, known from before the establishments of this world. And after that be reunited and brought back together with the Universal Creator.

Time is concise; however, if you genuinely want, the entryway is open. ENTER before the DOOR hammers close amid this cycle, before the Time-Loop!

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Need assistance with a relationship or vocation issue?

Wish you could get direction in your next best advance?

Realize what’s in the Highest Good for your Soul’s development

Wish you could find that guided to be in the frequency stream?

Need a decent dosage of motivation?


Gino DiCaprio packs shrewdness into each session.

Perceive how Gino DiCaprio identifies with your particular life circumstance.

Find how Gino DiCaprio will talk particularly to your own story in movement.

Figure out how you can be a dynamic collaborate with Spirit to co-make your unbelievable life.

Figure out how you’re constraining idea examples, practices, and your past may keep you correctly where you are.

Recover, reconnect to, and refine your lost dreams, expectations, yearning and wishes.

Check Out his other Inspirational

books under his old pseudo name Jake Hollow!


The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women: Male Edition

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The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women: Male Edition

MALE EDITION As a Life Coach, motivational speaker, and writer of a various types of books, including {cbt-quote}How to Deal With Emotions and the Life of a Motivational Speaker.{cbt-quote} The {cbt-quote}Guide{cbt-quote} takes a hands-on approach to connecting with the opposite sex. In 2009 'The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women' was evaluated by clients at 8.4 out of 10 on Cliff's List.


Jake Hollow’s Guide on How to Persuade Women – Revised Female Edition

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Jake Hollow’s Guide on How to Persuade Women – Revised Female Edition

FEMALE EDITION The {cbt-quote}Guide{cbt-quote} takes a hands-on approach to meeting the opposite sex. It emphatically energizes self-reflection and handling individual impediments. The creator is to the point. He takes you, in an orderly fashion, through a procedure that won't just adjust how you communicate with ladies, but will also change you too. See the first {cbt-quote}The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women{cbt-quote} to see the distinctions.


How to Deal with Emotions and the Life of a Motivational Speaker

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How to Deal with Emotions and the Life of a Motivational Speaker

Written after Jake Hollow's first book on meeting ladies, he has now composed this book on managing feelings from the point of view of a motivational speaker. This book has two section; 'managing feelings' and 'the life of a motivational speaker.' It incorporates – guidance, analogies and meetings. It was composed in 2007, yet unreleased to keep key characters’ unknown and to protect the uprightness of his work.

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“I love to inspire My Customers and would love the opportunity to inspire you as well!  Read what my customers have to say…” ~ Gino DiCaprio

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Effortlessly set up private sessions.

Adaptable planning.

Gino DiCaprio contemplated with his Spiritual Guide, finished Personal Mastery, Shared Wisdom and got the Message to help Guide others.

Every session is individualized, sacrosanct, done face to face or by means of a private video meeting.

Gino DiCaprio has a huge number of hours of experience directing and coaching individuals from all strolls and from close and far, as both Gino DiCaprio and as Jake Hollow.

A session with him is exactly what you need!

What is the SESSION?

It is an approach to interface with the Divine, your Higher-Self, Spirit, Source, Creator, whichever you favour.

Gino DiCaprio guides us to take a gander at circumstances, individuals, or conceivable outcomes recently, from a more extensive vantage point, or from a totally new viewpoint. The implications of his blessing are not static. There is a natural unfurling of every individual’s story amid a session.

The Universal Law of Creation permits the vitality of the Universal Consciousness, together with you and me, to meet up controlling us toward what you have to know for the Highest Good and your Soul’s development.

The Universal Law of Creation session can:

Furnish you with a way to Spiritual development, and profound self-change give you experiences on yourself hold you up

Push you forward reveal to you it’s not the perfect time, or show you’re going the correct way

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