Author Gino DiCaprio


Mr DiCaprio is here only as a Messenger.

He is not a teacher, but simply a Messenger. He is as a Mailman who delivers to you a sealed letter. Once you open it, only you understand the message you receive that is specifically addressed to you as an individual.

You may be able to see beyond your own physical eyesight. You may even be a so-called Elder Crystal child, Indigo child, Rainbow child, Star child, or as one of the Primaries and feel you don’t require any coaching or awakening.

Yes, you are correct on this, however, his job is not to coach or awaken you, but for you to receive the remaining KnoWing that is specifically aimed towards you to pick up as an individual that has the “Gift”.

He personally cannot do it for you, but these chronicles that were written through his physical hand can and will. It is your choice to accept or refuse.

Most of you are sensitive to others and others are empath as Mr DiCaprio is. You are attuned to strong feelings from others around you even if they are thousands of miles away and usually act upon those feelings.

We have the choice as Empath you act on emotion, logic and belief. Logic should always be first and foremost.

Each of you must follow their own gut intuition instead of depending on others and that includes Mr DiCaprio himself, for he will continue to repeat that the Hidden Codes that are written throughout these chronicles is geared specifically towards each of you as individuals.

Gino DiCaprio loves his family, however, he does not pretend to be someone he is not nor does he live according to other people’s expectations.

He is not here to bring peace but to bring ‘balance’ through war.

‘Balance’ does not follow ‘Love’ or ‘Hate’.
‘Balance’ does not follow ‘Good’ or ‘Evil’.
‘Balance’ does not follow ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’.

Balance is just Equilibrium.

Balance does not deal with emotions as Good or Evil does. Balance just equilibrium the emotions.

You can ask him questions; however, he will not give you an answer, since the answer must come from your Higher-Self through your Spiritual Guide if you pay close attention to it.

DiCaprio is not a “Truth Seeker”, “Freedom Fighter” or even Part of the “Light” movement. Who he is, is irrelevant when all he has is a Message for those who want to see.

He is the author of “The Universal Law of Creation: Chronicles”.

Thank you once again,

All written work here or anywhere else is Gino DiCaprio/Jake Hollow, Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2007 -2017

~ Gino DiCaprio (Author of The Universal Law of Creation, Chronicles)