Jake Hollow

Author & Motivational Speaker

“”It is okay to have fear, but do not let fear control you.  Control fear” ~ Jake Hollow

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Who is Jake Hollow ?

Jake Hollow is Gino DiCaprio’s former pseudo name between 2002-2007. Gino was born in Besancon France on July 14 1962 and is the middle child. With his family they immigrated to Montreal Canada where he later on in age discovered he had a learning disability (ADD). He was a trouble child that was very secretive. At the age of 20 he started to teach himself how to read. Got involved with the wrong crowd. Was married and had 3 bright beautiful children. Then he was imprisoned for a while until his charges were dismissed. This is where he woke up to see that “Everything Happens For a Reason”.  Read more below…

  • Author

    Jake Hollow is the author of:

    The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women: Male Edition

    Jake Hollow’s Guide on How to Persuade Women: Revised Female Edition

    How to Deal with Emotions and the Life of a Motivational Speaker

  • Motivational Speaker

    I have always had a particular energy that attracted people to me in search of advice, and being the person I am, was always keen to partake in sharing some of my wisdom.

My Background

Jake Hollow is an Author.  His name is Gino DiCaprio (He’s also known as Dovid Shimshon (Hebrew Name) and he was formally known as Jake Hollow between 2002-2007.

Jake (Pseudonym name) is not part of the PUA (Pick-Up Artist) community. He teaches how to discover yourself and the partners you should avoid, both for long/short term and one night stand.

Jake Hollow is considered a Inspirational Teacher, and the author of several books as “The Jake Hollow Guide on How to Persuade Women” geared for men, “Jake Hollow’s Guide on How to Persuade Women – Revised Edition” that is geared for women, and his follow up title, “How to Deal with Emotions and the Life of a Motivational Speaker”.

“Jake Hollow” is his old “Pen” name that was used before his big transformation as Gino DiCaprio (also an author).

Jake Hollow

Jake Hollow

Author & Motivational Speaker

Jake Hollow

“Physically beautiful women, who play on their beauty to create a sexually charged presence, have very little power in the end.  Her youth will fade; and, there will always be someone else younger and more beautiful.  In any case, men get tired of beauty without grace.  Women never get tired of have their self-worth validated.”  ~ Jake Hollow

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Jake Hollow has a great deal to offer everyone!

From his writings, and motivational speaking, Jake Hollow  has what you need in your life!