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Gino DiCaprio is an Author, Public Speaker, Coach, Advisor, Inspirational Teacher, Empath, and Spiritual Messenger. He has explored many spiritual practices over the past 30 years. From Christianity, Paganism, Wicca, Buddhism, Spiritualism, Judaism, New Age philosophies, Baruch Spinoza, and others areas, he has learned something he always knew, but each confirmed what he already knew.

Many seem to confuse his current work with ‘the Law of Attraction”.

Hi, I’m Gino and this may help explain who I am;

What was written then, although written by me, were not my words or my message. What I transmit now is geared towards those who lead or teach; the message is not for the layperson. It is more for those who seek to teach or lead others – more towards those who learn for the sake of learning and growing.

A teacher or leader knows that there is always more to learn. They fully accept that they do not know everything. By accepting this ideal, they continue to look for more knowledge in any place that they can. Life is a lesson for these individuals. A student seeks to learn but, in many cases, it is for a purpose and over a short time frame.

As a Messenger, I am not a Teacher. To illustrate this, imagine that I am your mailman who delivers your mail or a package. The mail or package is not from me, but from someone or somewhere else. That source gave it to me to deliver it to you. When you open that letter or package, what you get is meant for you and only for you to decipher, receive and understand.

Each individual will receive his or her own message that is personally geared for them.

If I were to teach what was written through my hands, it would mean I am giving you my personal belief and dogma and that is not my place or role.

‘The Universal Law of Creation, Chronicles’ make it clear that the subject is has nothing to do with ‘The Law of Attraction”. These are completely different perspectives and serve different purposes.

Book 1 Secrets and Laws of the Universe
Book 2 Time is an Illusion
Book 3 Illuminatis The Ones and the Shadows

Book 4 Secret Hidden Messages (which is still being written but only when it is delivered from the source)

Peace and Love


All written work here or anywhere else is Gino DiCaprio/Jake Hollow, Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2007 -2017

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