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Gino DiCaprio is a renowned Author, Consultant, Motivational Speaker & Spiritual Guide!

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Author of the Universal Law Of Creation Chronicles!   To be honest, I had no interest in writing books initially,  however a friend of mine called Clifford of Cliff’s List asked me. During that time in my life, the stage name (Jake Hollow) that I had been living under had felt more suitable then the new identity (Gino DiCaprio) I had discovered in my time in with the State. I have always written but not at the extent of the Chronicles.

I have always had a real sense of a higher purpose or higher-self. Initially I truly had no interest in becoming a Spiritual Counsellor; I merely received a “Message”, saw how it affected those around me and decided that for once in my life I was going to live honestly up to my calling, the fire that has been quelled for most of my life. As I experienced this and those around me experienced this on their own, it is not for me to teach but to inspire this awakening. Are you ready? Book me for your session now!

I have always had a particular energy that attracted people to me in search of advice, and being the person I am, was always keen to partake in sharing some of my wisdom! Now you have the opportunity to share in my wisdom by booking me for your next function!