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Each individual Chronicle (The Universal Law of Creation) has its own concept of intertwining yourself with the Universe and the Hidden Secrets. These are things which we ignore or assume to have answers to. These secret messages were written for Teachers and Leaders. Each message is geared to each individual person.

To be honest, I had no interest. But a friend of mine, Clifford from Cliff’s List asked me. During that time in my life, I had been living under the stage name “Jake Hollow” that felt more suitable then the new identity of “Gino DiCaprio” that I discovered during  my time in the United States. I always wrote but not to the extent of the Chronicles.

I have always had a particular energy that attracted people who wanted/needed advice and being the person I am, I was always keen to partake in sharing some of my wisdom.

I have always had a real sense of a higher purpose or higher-self. I truly have no interest in becoming a Spiritual Counsellor; I merely received a “Message”, saw how it affected those around me and decided that, for once in my life, I was going to live up to my calling and quell the fire that exited most of my life. As I experienced this, and those around me experienced this on their own, it was not for me to teach but to inspire this awakening.

This was the name that I used to write, and continue to use when I write, “The Universal Law of Creation: Chronicles” the last name chosen to honour my Uncle’s family name.

This was my former pseudo name between 2002-2007

This is the name I adopted when I married into Judaism.

This isn’t something that one can learn, which is why I think those who try to use tricks and treats will never truly understand how to persuade anyone, never mind women. The thing about affecting woman, or men, is having confidence, as well as a certain foresight, or ability to forecast an inevitable outcome.

My experience in the detention center inspired me to write “How to Deal with Emotions in the Life of a Motivational Speaker”. Dealing with “criminals” and the way they would attempt to achieve some connection with me, how they almost looked up to me, inspired a particular responsibility in me to write. When I saw that I had the ability to affect even the most hardened “criminals”, as well as many Correctional Officers, I, as well as many Correctional Officers knew I had to try at least and get this message out to inspire as many as I could.

Start by first discovering the message behind what is written through my hands and achieve your own greatness. However, it should be I asking you for an autograph in your book (we should all aspire to be great and to inspire genius).

Just reading these books written by Gino DiCaprio/Jake Hollow will not help you. The way these books can help is to do the following:

1. Take notes while reading.
2. Write down all questions asked in each book and respond to them.
3. Practice what you learn and think about becoming a teacher who creates instead of being a follower.

The reason for the success of his books is not because they are not a copy of someone else’s work. No, it is because of the format used.

What do I mean by format?

When you pick up the paperback version, you will notice that it is not formatted in the traditional book size nor does it feel like a book. If you are a person who enjoys learning, you will notice the size and look of the book is similar to a textbook from school.

That was done on purpose because it felt right.

That “IS” what makes his books stand out from the rest.”

Many have asked me if I am uncertain of my identity because of the many different names and pseudonyms that I have used throughout the years.

Pascal, Silencer, Jake, are just a few.

They mostly represent, and have been used, as work-related names.

“The experiences that we have affected the choices we make and who we become. They shape us, making us more, or less than who we were the day before. They make us, or they break us. You can choose to be a coward, making excuses for the experiences or who you are, or you can accept the experiences and make a difference because of them.”

Taken from Book IV Secret Hidden Message

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