See you at the event this Sunday at 4-6 PM EST at the Milton B – Cafeteria Urbaine located at 3498 Park Ave.

We will be videoing the host (only) who will be performing and have a few special guest speakers.

We may have someone streamed it live on Facebook.

(Ce groupe est en anglais, mais cela ne veut pas dire qu’il ne peut pas être traduit en français si vous avez des questions.)

By changing what’s in your mind, can you change your life?

The issue that we have with our brain is that it is wired to focus and react to negative thoughts, energy, feelings, and situations far more than the positive ones.

We don’t follow our gut instincts because we feel we need a logical explanation instead of just supporting and following it. We feel as if our brain is out to get us.

If you’ve ever wanted to program your mind for success, in general, and to tap into the mindset of truly happy, content, and successful people that enjoy life, you’ve got to make the step to be here.

In the many mind hacks that I have conducted, I have discovered that group intention has a mirror effect.

The Meet Up will be up to you!

So… how seriously committed are you?

So, Do We Pay it Forward?

The Meet-Up will be at a Cafe Downtown, closer to Place des Arts.

Contribution: Please understand that at this cafe all they require is that all attendees make a purchase at their counter. We will be in a semi-soundproof area with AV connection

Please only reserve if you plan to attend, because space will most likely be limited.

We welcome any donations and feedback from those attending to sharing knowledge and content.

10% of all donations will also be given to a local charity.

Donation Payment methods:

1. By Cash

2. Through PayPal

3. My phone does accept credit cards through

Thank you!


For more about me go to my website:


Understanding energy and vibration are essential in your daily life.

Understanding energy and vibration from a mass of people in the billions is another issue which I hope you will ask me about.

Understanding where we are today has to do with our past lives, which is also essential to accept.

Hopefully, I will be able to answer all these questions.

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